A fair price for your house!

There are lots of people who own houses they no longer want and for many the prospect of selling in the usual way can be stressful, expensive and often takes weeks or even months. I can help.


  • Have you inherited a property?
  • Are you in danger of having your own home repossessed?
  • Are you moving to another area? Or perhaps abroad?
  • Are you paying a mortgage and bills on an empty house?
  • Are you paying two mortgages because you have moved house but your old house has still not sold?
  • Do you just need a quick sale?
  • Is your house worth less than you owe (negative equity)?
  • Are you letting your house simply because you couldn't sell it (reluctant landlord) and just want it off your hands?
  • Are your debts unmanageable?


Whatever your situation, I can help.




"I can help you solve your property problem quickly"





  • Any house in a decent neighbourhood
  • Value - £100k to £400k
  • Any condition (no need to refurbish, repair or decorate)
  • Get up to 100% value
  • Quick sale
  • Quick decision
  • No chain
  • No obligation
  • No consultation or valuation fee
  • No legal fees
  • No gazumping
  • Repossessions stopped

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